Burhill Golf and Leisure is one of the UK’s largest owners and operators of golf courses and facilities.

Aimee J designed a series of brochures for their ten golf venues as a marketing tool to promote the Christmas offerings at each venue. The brochures needed to reflect the high quality they deliver while representing their friendliness and great value for money. Each brochure is slightly different to reflect their individual style and personality. Burhill Golf Club is the flagship venue and is designed to stand out a little more from the rest.

A foil reindeer or Christmas tree is shown on each cover to draw attention to the brochures and give an added touch of opulence. Combined with the quality uncoated stock gives the brochures a luxury feel. Imagery has been used to compliment the offerings and add colour to the pages. Prices and unique offerings are displayed in stylised baubles to make the brochures feel even more Christmassy. Stylised maps of the areas and key information blocks display detailed information in a way that allow readers to navigate through the brochure quickly and easily, allowing a higher conversion rate.

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